8 Weeks Ultrasound

8 Weeks Ultrasound


Ultrasound at 8 Weeks Pregnant

At 8 weeks of gestation the fetus is quite small, about the size of a raspberry. It starts to become more and more like a little human. He already can move and wiggle his legs. You can watch the kid’s capabilities with the help of ultrasound. It is also possible to register a fetal heart rate, which will allow to hear the heartbeat of the baby. During this period the little heart is beating twice as fast as the mother’s: about 150 beats per minute.

baby 8 weeks ultrasound pictures

Eight Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound Pictures

sonogram at 8 weeks

8 Weeks Ultrasound Twins

what does a 8 week scan look like

Video: 8 weeks pregnant ultrasound.

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